The Learning Centres are installed by highly qualified technicians. They come pre-assembled and ready for use.
The Learning Centre’s integrated security features include wall-mounted PCs, roof-mounted solar panels and completely concealed wiring.
G-teck Ltd offers an optional yearly maintenance, cleaning and repair package with all Learning Centre installations.
G-teck Ltd has developed a training program specifically geared towards teaching youth the basics of responsible and efficient computer and internet use. We also offer Training of Trainers (ToT).
Learning Centre For Youth
learning center

G-teck Ltd has designed a unique way to bridge the digital divide amongst youth in developing countries.

Our plug and play Learning Centre is simple, compact and portable. It runs completely on solar power and all components have low power consumption. The Learning Centre allows access to computers and/or internet for up to 12 students at a time. Various integrated security features help to prevent theft of system components.


Along with each installation, G-teck Ltd offers quarterly system maintenance, cleaning and repair services for items under warranty. We also offer comprehensive ICT training specially designed for the target audience.


Multiple systems can be used in high volume settings. These systems can also be fitted inside customized containers for use in temporary and semi-permanent settings such as refugee camps.

System Components
  • 1 x server
  • 6 x PC wall mountings
  • 1 x 8/10 port network switch
  • 6 x thin clients
  • 6 x standard keyboards
  • 6 x standard mouses
  • 2 x solar modules
  • 2 x solar module mounting structures
  • 1 x charge controller
  • 1 x deep cycle battery
  • 1 x breaker panel with 6 breakers
  • 1 x sturdy wall/desk
  • 2 x sturdy wooden benches
  • Hidden wiring

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