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LED Projects
Sheraton Sheraton Spa Seven Seas
Sheraton Hall Way: Up and Down lights LED lights, parking area, lobby, park Square, temptations and pool area Sheraton spa: Floor, strip and ceiling lights Sheraton Seven Seas Restaurant: Strip lights, Ceiling lights, Pendants, flexible spots and garden lights
Swedish Housing finance
Swedish Ambassadors Residence: Replaced all bulbs and floods, saving more than 70% on their electricity bill Housing Finance: Flood Lights supplied to Kampala road branch and main office builing in Kololo
ICT Projects
unicef project unicef project unicef project
unicef project unicef logo unicef project
G-teck Ltd has partnered with Unicef Uganda on an exciting project involving the installation and maintenance of over 30 Digital Youth Kiosks around the country. Kiosks are either grid connected or run on solar and utilise rugged laptops and the Unicef portal. Each site also receives comprehensive training on basic computer use. The Kiosks aim to bridge the digital divide amongst youth in rural regions of Uganda.
save the children project save the children project save the children project
save the children project save the children logo save the children project
save the children project save the children project save the children project
3 complete classrooms were built with 12 PC’s in each, The system is based on N-Computing thin client system. The rooms that can teach up to 24 students is getting power from a 800W solar PV system.
Solar Projects
Speke Resort unido 1 unido
Speke Resort, Solar water heaters 2100 liter, 7 Solahart 300J w/circulation pumps. Munyonyo, Uganda. May 2012 UNIDO, Container Field training office Gulu, Uganda 1,3kW stand alone system. Finished August 2012.
Adjumani Germany Embassy Entebbe Road Carport
Uganda kids, Adjumani: 21 solar panel system Installed and commissioned, 8 solar panel system, Battery bank set up Installed inverter system for German Embassy Built Carport and installed 3,5kWp solar system on it, with inverter and battery bank to run family compound. October 2015
Kampala Private 2.3kwp Christian Church of Iganga Christian Church of Iganga
Installed solar in private residence in Kampala 2,3kWp. December 2015 Christian Church of Iganga. Installed solar system to run all buildings 7,6kWp. February 2016
Mozambique Mozambique Mozambique
Mozambique, Inhambane and Niassa districts.
Over 2000 systems project financed by the World Bank. G-teck managed installations with a senior project manager, supervisor and several installation crews. Finished October 2016
Large Scale Solar Projects
Floridia Project Donaci Project Kololo Airstrip Project
2001 The Netherlands 2.3MW Floridia, Built by G-teck’s senior engineer 2012 Italy, 15MW San Donaci. Built by G-teck’s Senior Engineer 2012 Uganda, 575kWp, Kololo Air strip pavilion. Designed by G-teck’s MD -Still pending
Ktura Project Oceana Project Minervino Project
2011 Israel, 5MW Ktura. Built by G-teck’s Senior Engineer. 2010 Norway, 65kWp Oseana Kultural Centre. Built and designed by G-teck’s MD 2010 Italy, 1MW Minervino. Built by G-teck’s Senior Engineer
Casale Project Ferrarelle Project Ikea Project
2009 Italy, 3.3MW Casale. Built by G-teck’s Senior Engineer w/G-teck’s MD as Senior Owner Engineer 2008 Italy, 1 MW, Ferrarelle. Built by G-teck’s senior engineer 2007-09 Europe. G-teck team member designed, fabricated and installed the mounting systems for 5 IKEA roof tops
Rende Project Canosa Project NTI Project
2007 Italy, 1MW Rende. Built by G-teck’s senior engineer 2007 Italy, 1MW Canosa. Built by G-teck’s senior engineer Norway Technological Institute; 17,5kW, Oslo, Norway. 2007; with Solkraft
Solar Hybrid Projects
Kalangala Project Kalangala Project Kalangala Project
Kalangala Project Kalangala Project
2014 Uganda, 660kWp Kalangala. G-teck w/ Premier Solar GETEK’S MD was the Senior Owner Engineer
Roland Project Roland Project
Roland’ s system is a hybrid off grid solar system consisting of 8,4kWp of solar panels mounted on the clay tile roof, with MPPT charge controllers from Studer; an 8kW Inverter from Studer and 16 batteries from Green power. The system is backed up by a 16KVA generator on automatic start at 50%DOD.

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