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Founded in Germany in 1981, SMA Technologie AG has grown to over 1000 employees worldwide. SMA supplies the renewable energy markets with the highest efficiency, most reliable inverters available. With many different inverter models to choose from, in a variety of output power ranges, you can now create grid interactive power plants as small as 500 Watts up to or larger than 1,000,000 Watts. SMA has also developed new central inverters for the large commercial or industrial solar plants, as well as a battery inverter for the off-grid and backup power markets

Sunny Island 5048U

The new Sunny Island 5048U features the following innovative product characteristics: ergonomic aluminium enclosure, maximum efficiency of 95 % and OptiCool active ventilation system. Thus, the Sunny Island 5048U is the optimal solution for all off-grid applications which require high quality electricity for the establishment of a reliable AC voltage grid based on renewable energy sources. Its reliable design is ideal for use particularly in special climatic conditions. The intuitive interface and integrated data logger via MMC/SD card facilitates installation and commissioning.

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    Sunny Island

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    Sunny Boy

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    Sunny Tripower

Grid Tie – SMA Sunny boy and Windy boy 2500 and 6000Watt inverters for solar or wind grid tie and battery storage based systems.

The Windyboy inverter utilizes the same hardware as the SMA Sunny Boy Inverters with modified software allowing them to be connected to a wind turbine. The UL listing for SMA Windy Boy inverters allows direct grid interconnection without use of a cumbersome system involving batteries. The result is a typical net increase in energy production of 50% at the same efficiency as you have come to expect from the Sunny Boy Inverters. SMA’s stringing technology facilitates simple system expansion. These SMA inverters incorporate an advanced active islanding protection algorithm to insure that the system will not export power into a balanced 50 Hz resonant load while the utility is disconnected. SMA inverters have several communication options available including remote capabilities and computer connection.

SMA Sunny Tripower

Remote reporting

Sunny Beam – The Sunny Beam provides remote wireless mo. It displays real-time power output both numerically and graphically, either for the complete system or up to four individual inverters. A simple selector knob allows menus to be navigated. The Sunny Beam stores a month’s worth of production information review. Its sleek design incorporates a built-in solar cell to keep the internal batteries fully charged. The batteries can also be charged through the built in USB port.

Sunny Beam can be connected via USB port to a PC allowing real-time viewing of performance data with Sunny Data Control. The past month’s daily kilowatt-hour production may be downloaded to the PC. This data can also be sent to the Sunny Portal, SMA’s free internet server portal, for permanent storage. Long term performance data may be viewed from any web browser. The Sunny Portal web site offers easy-to-read charts and graphs allowing you to compare the performance trends.

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Sunny Webbox

Remote monitoring and maintenance of large solar power plants. System monitoring, remote diagnosis, data storage and visualization: the Sunny WebBox is the high-performance communication hub for medium- to large-scale solar power plants. It continuously collects all the data from the inverters on the system side, thereby keeping you informed of the system‘s status at any given time. The Sunny WebBox is a multi-functional, energy-efficient data logger which offers a wealth of options for displaying, archiving and processing data, even in networks with strict security regulations. In case of the event “Error”, the WebBox informs you immediately by e-mail or text message*

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    Sunny Webbox

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