G-TECK LTD is importing and distributing the following producers:

This makes us able to offer a great range of high quality inverters and DC/DC transformers.

  • Inverters with built-in transformers and “clean” sinus waveforms, 200 watt to 20 KW
  • The efficiency is typically 92 – 98%
  • Combination units, (An inverter with a battery charger built in. Those two units are automatically interacting /communicating with each other)
  • Automatically interchanging between inverter-modus and generator / utility-modus.
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) use.
  • Inverters for grid connected photovoltaic applications (SMA)
  • Complete “power central” units including fully automatically interaction with a diesel generator.
  • Well tested and proven solutions
  • Individually adapted solutions for homes, industrial purposes, and homes

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