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For a professional solar PV installations we use a special solar cable that is a double insulated single or double cable with a minimum of 4mm² stranded core. This is a DC cable that we use for both positive and negative wiring. 24 Volt modules comes with 1 meter single core from both positive and negative.

  • cable manufucturer


  • single core

    Single Core 4mm

  • double core

    Double Core 4mm

For connection to the solar modules we always use either an MC plug or a Tyco Solarlok, which is water proof plugs that matches with the ones supplied with the solar modules.

  • Tyco Electronics

    TYCO Electronics

  • Tyco Solarlock

    TYCO Solarlock 1

  • Tyco Solarlock

    TYCO Solarlock 2

MC connectors

MultiContact is the largest manufacturer of solar connectors in the market today. Most solar modules is delivered with these connectors.
They have 3 main connectors:

  • Tyco Electronics


  • Tyco Solarlock


  • Tyco Solarlock


Multi-Contact’s new PV connector MC4PLUS, is now rated for 1000V and fulfills the IEC standards for 1000V and 1500V.

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