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Black Housing Bulbs
G-BR608 G-BR638 G-BC374 G-BG455 G-BG505


  1. SMD High Power
  2. 2 Years warranty
  3. E27, B22, E14 Base available
  4. High Color consistency 80Ra
  5. AC220-240V
  6. Lifetime up to 30,000 hrs
  7. High heat dissipation plastic housing
  8. CE, RoHS, TUV, Erp, UL certification passed

Technical Parameters:

Item No. Watt Size Luminous Color Temp Type Equivalent to CFL
G-BC374 4W Φ50*99mm 380lm 6000K E14 C37 20W
G-BC374WW 4W Φ50*99mm 324lm 3000K E14 C37 20W
G-BG455 5W Φ45*78mm 500lm 6000K E14 G45 25W
G-BG455WW 5W Φ45*78mm 445lm 3000K E14 G45 25W
G-BG505 5W Φ50*85mm 500lm 6000K E14 R50 25W
G-BG455BWW 5W Φ50*85mm 445lm 3000K E27 R50 25W
G-BG455B 5W Φ45*85mm 500lm 6000K E27 G45 25W
G-BR608 8W Φ60*108mm 800lm 6000K E27 R60 35W
G-BR609WW 8W Φ60*108mm 760lm 3000K E27 R60 35W
G-BR638 8W Φ63*107mm 800lm 6000K E27 R63 35W
G-BR638WW 8W Φ63*107mm 760lm 3000K E27 R63 35W


Hotels, Board rooms, Office, Schools, Sitting rooms, Super markets, Shopping malls etc

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