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G-teck Ltd is a leading provider of customized solar PV, high quality LED lighting, Solar generators and batteries for both business and personal use. Our headquarters are in Seguku off Entebbe Road and our sales office and showroom are at Plot 94 William Road in Kampala, Uganda. The company is grown on Norwegian and European experiences for more than 94 years and has decades of experience in offering tailor made solutions for its customers. The company’s strength lies in our ability to deliver turnkey solutions at a competitive price, with excellent quality equipment and good labor skills. G-teck is an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractor and has the ability of managing all elements of the sale, from planning to installation, maintenance and after sale services.

For our high quality LED lighting we are introducing our brand G-led, providing a complete range of functional lighting. G-teck’s goal is to provide customers with the most energy saving, environmentally friendly and cost effective lighting products. Our team of highly skilled professionals has more than 12 years’ experience with LED lights. They will work with you to create tailor-made lighting solutions that provide the best results in every application.

G-teck is an Engineering Procurement and Construction Contractor (EPC) and has the ability of managing all elements from the sale to planning, installation, maintenance and service.

G-teck’s main focus is on our clients and the company has an uncompromising commitment to client satisfaction. G-teck is widely regarded as the supplier of choice in Uganda for both electrical and electronic solutions. G-teck will always ensure that its clients have the right understanding of the equipment and that advice and recommendations are offered to satisfy the client’s needs. G-teck offers the best quality products and technology to its clients in a diversified sector including the hospitality/service industry, media sector, oil and gas, government, medical industry, banking and defense. G-teck is a supplier to UN agencies, universities, corporate entities and others who appreciate its service minded effort and dedication.

G-teck Ltd was incorporated on 19.10.2011 as a Uganda Private Limited company, certificate number 137258. The company’s registered address is Plot 4, Ntinda II Road, Naguru, Uganda.

Vision: G-teck Ltd aims to be a significant player and a leading solution provider of customized energy and LED lighting delivering genuine value to clients in the private as well as the commercial sector.

With our specialists in large grid connected photovoltaic installations, we have positioned G-teck Ltd as a vertically integrated developer of PV solar power plants and an owner of solar PV plants for trading purposes. We are building a strong organization and have requests on integration of system up to 100 MW in Uganda

A rapidly growing market for LED lights in East Africa is to our advantage. We want to be the leader of this technology in East Africa. The factories that produce our products have been in business for over 10 years and can give us the quality and guarantees that we demand. We are only interested in high quality products and will not produce products of substandard quality. Our LED bulbs are now reaching the same low price level as the equivalent energy savers, and offer an estimated lifetime of 30-50 000 hours, and a 5 times reduction in energy consumption. We offer a 2 year warranty on all LED products.

G-teck also participate in technology development; our product “g-trap, malaria solution” is being developed with technology to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of our existing mosquito traps, and we are working on developing a food that attracts more malaria mosquitos. G-teck is working closely with Malaria Consortium on this project. When the project is finished, we will be in a fantastic position for reaching the market for all around the world in helping fight malaria. We see strong interest in the products and expect to grow the business significantly. The first tests are encouraging.

Mission: “G-teck Ltd shall through innovative and high quality products and services add value to our customers, owners and investors.”
We are in it for the long run.
Strategic Objective: “To be a vertically integrated company in the energy solution business seeking synergies of innovation, access and scale.”

Email: info@g-teck.com / sales@g-teck.com
Tel: +256 393 230 700

Plot 349, Katale, Seguku

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