Our Experience

Every Customer is Unique.

G-teck Provides Custom Solutions that Deliver Results.

From large businesses to the most rural areas, our customers trust us to provide solar energy and lighting services to meet their needs. We use only proven technologies and we pride ourselves on delivering timely installations and long-term financial benefits to homeowners, businesses, power companies, and public sector institutions.

It's the reason why more than 30% of our commercial and utility customers have more than one G-teck system installed and over 80% of customers are repeat customers.

Our experience is summed up by the milestones we have achieved:

  • Designed and delivered several solar energy projects internationally
  • Over 50 operational sites on- as well as off-grid.
  • Saved our customers up to 73% on their electricity bills.
  • First company to apply for Solar PV feed in tariff in Uganda in 2011.
  • Designed several projects for grid connection in Uganda.
  • Specialized technicians with extensive LED knowledge and experience
  • Engineers with long time Solar PV experience

Email: info@g-teck.com / sales@g-teck.com
Tel: +256 393 230 700

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